Getting Sold on You


I believe the most important quality that we should be building everyday is self confidence. Whether its self confidence in your daily relationship or self confidence in your profession I feel that our bank account equals our self confidence. We think of confidence as something far away or something we have to go out and take, but self-confidence is more of an uncovering process, it is already within us. That self-confidence and conviction is what we had a little children. When we were kids we had self-confidence, when we were little we didn’t care about what others tought of us. We emoted and got our way. When we were hungry we cried out loud, when we were kids we had all the abilities to pursuade in the world, we didn’t care if other people were around or if other people were annoyed, we simply emoted with clear intent that communicated the parents to take care of us.

As we grow older and we learn thow to interface with society the life becomes more about managing and how do I fit in the big picture of things, what can I do and what is off limits for me. We begin to come up with all the reasons why we can’t be success full today. Social conditioning can explain why we are not confident as we were when we were kids. We are all programmed one way or another, whether we are aware of it or not, we are conditioned to look at our problems. We are conditioned to search for solutions that does not always exist out there.

We are conditioned to be dis empowered in life more often than not so to go up stream in a society that wants to dumb you down and dis empower you, the last thing you want to do is let go, you want to fight back, you need preserverence, grit & teeth and build that hustle muscle as strong as you can get it. What is the truth about success is success is really about self-discovery, self-acceptance and evolution. It is about making goals and working hard to achieve those goals.

When we begin to succeed in life, others around you may begin to hate, and show jealousy towards your success. Let them hate and do not be bothered by the doubters and nay sayers. You are now entering a world of unlimited possibilities, you are now on your way to becoming the strongest version of yourself, to inspire and take people to the next level. Because I know what its like to struggle in life, I know what its like to be stuck  in negativity, I know what its like to be ugly, I know what its like to be lonely, I know what its like to be rejected and unloved. I have been through several dark nights of the soul, I know what its like to feel desperate.

When all of those negativity surround you I know what its like to feel crushed, and feel the blow. But I also know what its like to bounce back from it all, I know what its like put that one feet in front of the other, I know what its like to over come and prosper, I know what its like to eventually become someone that takes life head on and goes after his dreams & vision.

I know what its like to empower yourself when other people are living the day to day.

I know what its like to change the course of destiny with one bold decision after another.

I know what its like to hustle for your dreams, when no body else shows you the way.

You are a lot more powerful than you could ever imagine.

One day you will look at all the challenges and BS of life and say Mwahahaha

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