Learning more about the tree service niche

From the last post I talked about my friend who is running a tree service company and how he is operating one of the strongest operations around in Michigan. I look to him for guidance on how to properly run a successful business at any level.

In conversations with him I come to learn about tree service and why he began a company. What’s the difference between service based business and need based business and consumer business?

Well need based business is always in demand, so they just need to grow the operation to big levels and as long as the market is big enough they can continue to build and get bigger over time. The difference with need based business is that there is only so much market size depending on how popular that product is and most likely if its a brand new product it has not caught on yet. So its going to be very limited as far as what market place it can enter and dominate. I will say this, watching him work in the tree service based business for the past 10 years, I will say tree service has to be one of the most demanding jobs out there and anyone that thinks its easy being a tree climber and tree trimmer, you are gravely mistaken.

Tree service ranks as one of th emost dangerous jobs in the world and there’s studies that shows that its only second place next to crab fishing as far as dangers are concerned. and it just amazes me that they’ll do a job for $20 per hour and they are putting their life on the line everyday climbing up high in the trees and taking down branches and trimming the trees down.

But these guys do it and they do it joyfully, you should see these guys climbing up 100 FT in the air with 1 safety rope, and big chainsaw in one hand taking down branches left and right like its their job.

All I gotta say is I have a lot of respect for tree service guys and they are just wonderful at what they do, honestly the regular home owner could not do what they do and that is why they are here. This is why it is a need based business, tree service guys will always be needed and they will always have business as long as they keep up a good reputation.

I continue to look forward to where my friends business goes to, as he is continuing to grow so it will be interesting what will happen 5-6 years down the road, who knows maybe if he gets big enough I will join in on the fun and action.

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