High Impact Actions Lead to Clarity of Thought which breeds Success, Insights from my Tree Service friend


What is high impact Action? This is about leveraging everything towards you favor and act out something that creates the highest return that is greater than the sum of its parts. For example did you know that when you learn something in the morning, its more likely to get absorbed into your mind at 4 to 5 times the effectiveness if you were to learn something later in the day?

Did you know that after you eat meals, there is so much energy invested in the digestion of the food that slow down in productivity and clarity of thought?

So a high impact action and knowing how to utilize it in life can get you really far ahead in life, for example being able to see that in the morning you are easily 5 to 6 times more productive means, doing things that will get further ahead in life first thing in the morning. Work on your vision & your dreams in the morning. Make your products, the sites that will make you money for years to come. Create a goal and action plan about how you can take your life to the next level, and create products and sites that will continue to add and build onto your empire.

My friend that runs a tree service business talk about this all the time, how to build a empire so strong that other people seek us out, his question was how does he scale big enough to where he can be making a million, how can he get high end clients from Bloomfield Hills, even though he’s from Lake Orion? How can he reach out to higher producing tree service companies and seek to gain their knowledge and expertise? Would it be problematic if they are your direct competitor, will people have issues with it even if they are miles away?

successful and operating at the highest level in life. Meet new people that challenge you, meet new people that push you into becoming great. Those are the types of people you want to surround yourself with and those are the types of people that will push you into becoming a person that makes tough decisions and sticks to them.


I am all about building the character, becoming that person with deep character, becoming that person that accepts reality as it is, and moves forward anyway, to become that man that creates his own reality, that his faith & belief in himself is so strong that he sets his own rules, he handles rejections by expecting them and moving forward anyways. The man that is persistent and after his goals and won’t settle for anything less. He reaches up to people that are producing more than him.

This man goes out and creates friends with high performers everywhere he goes, he goes to conferences and continues to learn more, he reads books to further his education, This ideal man is a man of influence, he is a great public speaker because he knows how to speak from his heart & connect with the audience.

& if some don’t get you, let them haters hate.

He is incredible generous with his love for others, and he is incredibly driven and motivated towards his goals. He is wealthy beyond measure because he gives so much value to the world, the reason why he has so much to offer to the world is because he went through the struggle of life and used the human will power to carve out a new destiny for himself.

This force of positive attitude cures illness, disease & attracts those that want to do business with you. This force once it is unleashed will commit miracles, and empowers you with the power of influence, to make incredible amount of money in a rapid pace. It creates a force inside you that can commit miracles, it will weaken the most fortifide of buyers, it will melt their armor and make them want to give money to you and do business with you, it makes the most skeptical buyers into to believers and into feeling like they can do business with this guy.

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