Let the Hater’s hate


Mwahahahaha is what I do all day as I bank on cash money. You see I’m a young entrepreneur the only focus is for me to find people that can pay me for my skills on the internet, I’m a graphic designer and website developer. Recently I quit my full time job and became a force in the industry landing new clients not just in my home state but across the nation. I always saying if you ain’t getting haters you ain’t doing the right thing.

So today I want to talk about what kind of the right things can you do to ensure you remain on the top in the market place?

  1. Be willing to be delusional about success, treat success as if your life depends on it. Dream and talk about success like that’s the only love in your life. Treat success like your duty & obligation. Fulfilling your potential is the only purpose for your life. Achieving monumental accomplishment is why you hustle and build that confidence daily, hone your skills & practice your craft on a daily basis
  2. Don’t worry about the others, focus like with laser guided sight that you are here to build your skills and work hard and achieve higher ground
  3. Build your brand daily, take massive amounts of action, do whatever it takes to get things done
  4. Build rapport with everyone you meet

I was no born in a house where we talked about business of finances, I was born into middle class and was fed the same crap everyone else hears about the middle class life. Get an education, college degree that costs a fortune, then get a stable 9 to 5 job at a stable company and go to school again for MBA and then get a different position at a more elite company and become a manager one day to hopefully earn 6 figures.

Well no one talked about becoming an entrepreneur, because most people have never done it. And so they collect the negative aspects of it because they hear that most start ups fail they do not look at that path as a legitimate one and dismiss it. But they don’t talk about how liberating that path can be when you actually take it on at full force.

They don’t see that becoming a business owner or owning a business is the only way out of the slave matrix. Where you become the captain of your own ship and take on challenges that was first difficult but overcoming them you grow in confidence and you gain maturity. I think most people out there live way below their potential, and the only profession that allows you to reach towards your potential is to become an entrepreneur.

But be sure that when you do finally become your own boss, you will gain some criticism and hate, but to those haters you’ll just have to laugh at them like mwahahaha.

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