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tree removal

Sometimes I think about the structure of a business and I wonder if production labor could be brought back to America with a more horizontal dynamic. That is, a company owned, operated and managed by its labor force rather than having a large pool of unskilled or narrowly skilled labor managed by a smaller group of white collar workers. With the contemporary system, you see businesses like tree service or maybe a restaurant with the people that perform the actual labor on one hand and the owner or management on the other hand. The wages of the entire labor force are probably not even close to what the few people in management are making. But is their job really that more important that it justifies the discrepancy in pay?

If you imagine what it would take to familiarize the labor force of a tree removal with all of the management details required to run that business, you probably imagine putting a few dozen workers through a university which would take upward of a million dollars. Nobody is going to want to bear that cost because it would take years to make up that investment in profits and the benefit of the company being run that way is unclear at best. But does it really take a college education to perform some of the management aspects of a tree service or any other business that requires manual labor being supervised by management? This is what our site studies.

Look at the typical goals of management, using tree cutter as an example. Whether it’s a small, locally owned business or a large national corporation, they still have to generate their own business through advertising, minimize costs, schedule and coordinate their labor, sign the checks, order supplies, maintain equipment and everything else. But the thing with management is, all of these tasks at some point are going to be performed by somebody with little or no specialized education. The owner isn’t advertising his tree care and maybe not even the marketing manager. They are going to have an assistant or maybe even a secretary make the phone calls to order a tree service ad, or put up a tree service billboard or whatever it is. The owner isn’t out there checking the condition of the saw blades or making sure the oil in the work truck has been changed, some regular hourly tree service employee is going to do that.

So why can’t the employees all do this stuff? They often know better than the managers what condition the equipment is in. They know how long a tree stump removal job is going to take at a given location and they can coordinate their work day around it. They know what tools they need to perform a certain task and any tree surgeon employee is in a position to talk to the general public about what services their business has to offer. But employees in most companies have little to gain from stepping into management duties because they aren’t rewarded any further than the same hourly rate they get no matter what.

With a more horizontal structure where every employee was privy to the condition of the business, the direction of the tree cutting company, the need to generate more jobs and income, the drawback to contributing as an employee is gone. If the company does well then the employee does well. This way, an employee has motivation to perform better tree trimming work or get the word out to everybody they meet about how great their tree service is, they would take pride in their tree service equipment and treat the tools and uniforms and everything else that costs their business money like it was their own.

One could say, “How do you keep a crew of a few dozen people focused when they all have their own ideas on how a company should be run?” Everybody is different and every employee would naturally gravitate toward certain areas of the business where they would be most effective. The people who like to talk and generate excitement could contribute to advertising. The more meticulous, orderly people would be happy to schedule and coordinate tree work crews where a manager might find the work tedious and tiring. But the one thing that would keep even a large workforce focused on a common goal in a tree service business would be as simple as this: The faster you get jobs done, the less of a beating our equipment takes, the less waste of resources and manpower and time there is and the more jobs you generate through advertising, the more money you are going to make this year.

I think any tree job worker could learn to hustle in any facet of the business with the dollar out there as a motivator.

Here’s the business site of that crew:

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New found belief in humanity from a great tow truck company?


So lately I’ve been very down on the state of affairs of the world and where everything has been heading. It seems like everywhere you turn there is chaos everywhere. People are are running into each other and nations are colliding, and everything is madness it seems when you turn on the news. Well I was having one of those days the other day in which everything that I was doing was falling apart and not coming together, it was one of those days where even my best efforts were not going anywhere. For example I needed to get into one store for 5 min and so I parked right out in front and by the time I came back, I had a $30 parking ticket, which really got me in a bad mood and then I was driving down main street of Southfield, MI

When a big pick up truck rear ends me right at the stop light, and I was stuck there not knowing where to turn or go. I had gotten into an accident if the parking ticket wasn’t enough now I was going to be late for work and I had to now deal with insurance companies and the whole nine yards. Great another debacle similar to crazy storm I dealt with few days ago.

Well we proceeded to get out of the car and call the police, it was on the busy streets of Telegraph so there were many cars buzzing through, I told myself I will not become a victim to this circumstance I find myself in, and so I took a deep breath and decided to accept everything that was happening around me, either I was going to resist the experience or I was going to accept it.

Pretty soon when I remembered that teaching to accept every moment exactly as it is, I started to feel at ease and I was able to talk to the police and the other guy from a place of “hey let’s figure this thing out”, so I was in much calmer state which allowed me to be more resourceful and they were able to follow my lead as I showed them my situation without being emotional which was the key because they really started listening to me carefully and the police became friendly. Similar to meditative state I get into when I blog.

However as I was filling out all the paper work, I realized I had a very important meeting that morning at work and upon realization I could feel the cold sweats behind my neck and the hair begin to stick out. I was going to be late for my presentation I thought, I quickly called the nearest towing company to come get the car out of the road and I was trying to figure out how I can get to work as fast as humanly possible.


Great Towing Company in Southfield Saves the Day

Not long after that the tow truck guys pulled up and offered to give me a quick ride to my job place which was a god send in times like this. I was so thankful and it just goes to show that there are still good people out there that are doing great work, helping each other out, and being a friend to stranger. I learned something that day and that was even amidst of chaotic events you can still find your inner peace by accepting everything that is arising and happening.

And most importantly there is still great people in the world that cares, I will always remember that day as one of the finest days because I was given two very important lessons even though it would end up costing me $4000 to repair the damage that was done to my car. All in all, it was one of the more impactful days I had in a long time and that’s the honest truth. To find out more about this awesome towing company in Southfield, click here

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Learning more about the tree service niche

From the last post I talked about my friend who is running a tree service company and how he is operating one of the strongest operations around in Michigan. I look to him for guidance on how to properly run a successful business at any level.

In conversations with him I come to learn about tree service and why he began a company. What’s the difference between service based business and need based business and consumer business?

Well need based business is always in demand, so they just need to grow the operation to big levels and as long as the market is big enough they can continue to build and get bigger over time. The difference with need based business is that there is only so much market size depending on how popular that product is and most likely if its a brand new product it has not caught on yet. So its going to be very limited as far as what market place it can enter and dominate. I will say this, watching him work in the tree service based business for the past 10 years, I will say tree service has to be one of the most demanding jobs out there and anyone that thinks its easy being a tree climber and tree trimmer, you are gravely mistaken.

Tree service ranks as one of th emost dangerous jobs in the world and there’s studies that shows that its only second place next to crab fishing as far as dangers are concerned. and it just amazes me that they’ll do a job for $20 per hour and they are putting their life on the line everyday climbing up high in the trees and taking down branches and trimming the trees down.

But these guys do it and they do it joyfully, you should see these guys climbing up 100 FT in the air with 1 safety rope, and big chainsaw in one hand taking down branches left and right like its their job.

All I gotta say is I have a lot of respect for tree service guys and they are just wonderful at what they do, honestly the regular home owner could not do what they do and that is why they are here. This is why it is a need based business, tree service guys will always be needed and they will always have business as long as they keep up a good reputation.

I continue to look forward to where my friends business goes to, as he is continuing to grow so it will be interesting what will happen 5-6 years down the road, who knows maybe if he gets big enough I will join in on the fun and action.

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High Impact Actions Lead to Clarity of Thought which breeds Success, Insights from my Tree Service friend


What is high impact Action? This is about leveraging everything towards you favor and act out something that creates the highest return that is greater than the sum of its parts. For example did you know that when you learn something in the morning, its more likely to get absorbed into your mind at 4 to 5 times the effectiveness if you were to learn something later in the day?

Did you know that after you eat meals, there is so much energy invested in the digestion of the food that slow down in productivity and clarity of thought?

So a high impact action and knowing how to utilize it in life can get you really far ahead in life, for example being able to see that in the morning you are easily 5 to 6 times more productive means, doing things that will get further ahead in life first thing in the morning. Work on your vision & your dreams in the morning. Make your products, the sites that will make you money for years to come. Create a goal and action plan about how you can take your life to the next level, and create products and sites that will continue to add and build onto your empire.

My friend that runs a tree service business talk about this all the time, how to build a empire so strong that other people seek us out, his question was how does he scale big enough to where he can be making a million, how can he get high end clients from Bloomfield Hills, even though he’s from Lake Orion? How can he reach out to higher producing tree service companies and seek to gain their knowledge and expertise? Would it be problematic if they are your direct competitor, will people have issues with it even if they are miles away?

successful and operating at the highest level in life. Meet new people that challenge you, meet new people that push you into becoming great. Those are the types of people you want to surround yourself with and those are the types of people that will push you into becoming a person that makes tough decisions and sticks to them.


I am all about building the character, becoming that person with deep character, becoming that person that accepts reality as it is, and moves forward anyway, to become that man that creates his own reality, that his faith & belief in himself is so strong that he sets his own rules, he handles rejections by expecting them and moving forward anyways. The man that is persistent and after his goals and won’t settle for anything less. He reaches up to people that are producing more than him.

This man goes out and creates friends with high performers everywhere he goes, he goes to conferences and continues to learn more, he reads books to further his education, This ideal man is a man of influence, he is a great public speaker because he knows how to speak from his heart & connect with the audience.

& if some don’t get you, let them haters hate.

He is incredible generous with his love for others, and he is incredibly driven and motivated towards his goals. He is wealthy beyond measure because he gives so much value to the world, the reason why he has so much to offer to the world is because he went through the struggle of life and used the human will power to carve out a new destiny for himself.

This force of positive attitude cures illness, disease & attracts those that want to do business with you. This force once it is unleashed will commit miracles, and empowers you with the power of influence, to make incredible amount of money in a rapid pace. It creates a force inside you that can commit miracles, it will weaken the most fortifide of buyers, it will melt their armor and make them want to give money to you and do business with you, it makes the most skeptical buyers into to believers and into feeling like they can do business with this guy.

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Getting Sold on You


I believe the most important quality that we should be building everyday is self confidence. Whether its self confidence in your daily relationship or self confidence in your profession I feel that our bank account equals our self confidence. We think of confidence as something far away or something we have to go out and take, but self-confidence is more of an uncovering process, it is already within us. That self-confidence and conviction is what we had a little children. When we were kids we had self-confidence, when we were little we didn’t care about what others tought of us. We emoted and got our way. When we were hungry we cried out loud, when we were kids we had all the abilities to pursuade in the world, we didn’t care if other people were around or if other people were annoyed, we simply emoted with clear intent that communicated the parents to take care of us.

As we grow older and we learn thow to interface with society the life becomes more about managing and how do I fit in the big picture of things, what can I do and what is off limits for me. We begin to come up with all the reasons why we can’t be success full today. Social conditioning can explain why we are not confident as we were when we were kids. We are all programmed one way or another, whether we are aware of it or not, we are conditioned to look at our problems. We are conditioned to search for solutions that does not always exist out there.

We are conditioned to be dis empowered in life more often than not so to go up stream in a society that wants to dumb you down and dis empower you, the last thing you want to do is let go, you want to fight back, you need preserverence, grit & teeth and build that hustle muscle as strong as you can get it. What is the truth about success is success is really about self-discovery, self-acceptance and evolution. It is about making goals and working hard to achieve those goals.

When we begin to succeed in life, others around you may begin to hate, and show jealousy towards your success. Let them hate and do not be bothered by the doubters and nay sayers. You are now entering a world of unlimited possibilities, you are now on your way to becoming the strongest version of yourself, to inspire and take people to the next level. Because I know what its like to struggle in life, I know what its like to be stuck  in negativity, I know what its like to be ugly, I know what its like to be lonely, I know what its like to be rejected and unloved. I have been through several dark nights of the soul, I know what its like to feel desperate.

When all of those negativity surround you I know what its like to feel crushed, and feel the blow. But I also know what its like to bounce back from it all, I know what its like put that one feet in front of the other, I know what its like to over come and prosper, I know what its like to eventually become someone that takes life head on and goes after his dreams & vision.

I know what its like to empower yourself when other people are living the day to day.

I know what its like to change the course of destiny with one bold decision after another.

I know what its like to hustle for your dreams, when no body else shows you the way.

You are a lot more powerful than you could ever imagine.

One day you will look at all the challenges and BS of life and say Mwahahaha

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Let the Hater’s hate


Mwahahahaha is what I do all day as I bank on cash money. You see I’m a young entrepreneur the only focus is for me to find people that can pay me for my skills on the internet, I’m a graphic designer and website developer. Recently I quit my full time job and became a force in the industry landing new clients not just in my home state but across the nation. I always saying if you ain’t getting haters you ain’t doing the right thing.

So today I want to talk about what kind of the right things can you do to ensure you remain on the top in the market place?

  1. Be willing to be delusional about success, treat success as if your life depends on it. Dream and talk about success like that’s the only love in your life. Treat success like your duty & obligation. Fulfilling your potential is the only purpose for your life. Achieving monumental accomplishment is why you hustle and build that confidence daily, hone your skills & practice your craft on a daily basis
  2. Don’t worry about the others, focus like with laser guided sight that you are here to build your skills and work hard and achieve higher ground
  3. Build your brand daily, take massive amounts of action, do whatever it takes to get things done
  4. Build rapport with everyone you meet

I was no born in a house where we talked about business of finances, I was born into middle class and was fed the same crap everyone else hears about the middle class life. Get an education, college degree that costs a fortune, then get a stable 9 to 5 job at a stable company and go to school again for MBA and then get a different position at a more elite company and become a manager one day to hopefully earn 6 figures.

Well no one talked about becoming an entrepreneur, because most people have never done it. And so they collect the negative aspects of it because they hear that most start ups fail they do not look at that path as a legitimate one and dismiss it. But they don’t talk about how liberating that path can be when you actually take it on at full force.

They don’t see that becoming a business owner or owning a business is the only way out of the slave matrix. Where you become the captain of your own ship and take on challenges that was first difficult but overcoming them you grow in confidence and you gain maturity. I think most people out there live way below their potential, and the only profession that allows you to reach towards your potential is to become an entrepreneur.

But be sure that when you do finally become your own boss, you will gain some criticism and hate, but to those haters you’ll just have to laugh at them like mwahahaha.

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The Hustle Is Real


hello everyone, welcome to the new blog inspired by Austin Powers the evil laugh when you conspire something great and you let out that evil laugh but on this site it won’t be something to hurt people or anything, it will be that laugh to all the haters, to all the obstacles and challenges in our lives. When we become an empowered human being that want to take it to the next level, it will be that laugh that will take people to crazy new heights. I am all about that.

A little back ground about me is that I came from nothing and at age 26 I became extremely motivated about my future and where I was headed. I’m now operating and on track to becoming a millionaire. I did not allow all the crazy things in life hamper my spirit, my heart or my hustle. Because I have a strong heart that pumps tiger blood, and I won’t stop until I reach my goals.

I am what you call the real hustle, the real deal. The hungry dog back of meat truck, not willing to take any no’s but ensuring that I find my way and continue to dominate everything and everyone. I will make sure that I am the last standing man and I will take over and over throw all the societal norms. Because I am on my life purpose, my life purpose is to become the icon of unlimited possibilities.

My life legacy is about becoming someone that can impart life wisdom about hard work, dedication, commitment to success, following through on your dreams and never settling for anything else. My life purpose is about inspiring other people to live a life where they are always hungry, driven, ambitious towards their goals, desires & dreams. My life purpose is about working hard to getting to the next level and enjoying every minute of it.

It’s about the hustle, the grind, the will power to grind through the daily struggle and still commit to a life full of productivity and magic. My life purpose is about making sure my spirit is always alive in everything that I do and I always take on new projects that challenge myself.

So if you want to learn more about this hustle keeep following cause shits about to get real and we’re gonna be laughing at all the haters pretty soon mwahahahaha

Like biggie smalls in big poppa said, came from nothing now we on top

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